2021 Virtual Winter Clinic

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Registration is closed and the clinic is no longer available for viewing
Clinician Information
Time Clinician Topic
9:00am-9:25am Jeff Grogan Inspirational Reboot (Keynote)
9:30am-9:55am Axiom String Quartet Performance
10:00am-10:55am Anna Radspinner MS Beginner Strategies for Your Pandemic Toolbelt
Program Description: How do I approach teaching 35 students at the same time online? How do I keep my students and myself safe when in person? How do I keep my high flyers engaged AND review for my students who STILL don’t get it? How do I tune through a screen? If you have had any of these questions or are looking for more resources, this is the session for you! Join me to discover new ways to reach your young string students whether face to face or remote.
11:00am-11:55am Jim Palmer HS Artistry, Engagement and Reinforcement: The Three ingredients that lead to Artistic Rehearsals and Superior Performances
Program Description: This session will present rehearsal strategies that promote intense student engagement that results in superior performances. The clinician will present videos, digital handouts resources and will offer a time for questions and answers.
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch  
1:00pm-1:55pm Anton Krutz The Process Einstein Used to Stimulate Creativity & Why it Worked
Program Description: Renowned Luthier, Anton Krutz, discusses the process AlbertEinstein used to stimulate creativity.
2:00pm-2:55pm Margaret Selby

MS Stringing It Together In Middle School During Covid
Program Description: Let's talk about what's been working (and not working) in the middle school orchestra class during this crazy year. How do we and our students survive and maybe even thrive through the many challenges. The clinician will discuss how she has dealt with teaching both online and in person students simultaneously from beginners and beyond.

3:00pm-3:55pm Scott Laird HS Navigating Hybrid and Remote Orchestra: Design Thinking and Curricular Modification
Program Description: In this session, the presenter will outline his strategies for navigating remote and hybrid teaching and learning during the Covid-19. Given the challenges of the educational and pedagogical landscape of the past year, the presenter has been empowered to rethink his curriculum, syllabus, and teaching strategies at the North Carolina School of Science and Math. His blog, “Thoughts of a String Educator,” has been a personal outlet for sharing ideas with colleagues and students alike, and it has become a catalyst for applying his method of design thinking in string and orchestra classrooms beyond NCSSM. The presenter will discuss his progression of thought, critical decisions in the process, application of technology, and other key components of his experience and present a framework to aid teachers in curriculum decisions moving forward.
4:00pm-4:30pm Michael Stringer Moving String Ed Ahead (TMEA)
Program Description: Stringer will discuss the challenges we currently face in orchestral education and offer advice and guidance on how to move String Ed Ahead.