April 2015



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In need of volunteers
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Scholarship application
ODY Nominiations
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From the President...
by Jason Thibodeaux

Convention Preview – Thursday, July 23 – Sunday, July 26

The convention schedule is almost finalized!  Pre-Registration is open so register early! Last year the hotel blocks filled up twice.  Take a moment and reserve your hotel room. One of the many attractions to the T.O.D.A. Convention are the readings sessions and currently we have 13 different reading sessions.  The headliners for this year are David Becker from Texas Tech. University, Carrie Lane Gruselle from FJH Publishing and Kirt Mosier from Wingert Jones and JW Pepper Publishing.  Other sessions presented by the finest orchestra directors will cover a wide range of topics from beginning tech skills, alternative orchestra music and orchestra pedagogy.  Thursday through Sunday are filled with great sessions during the day and exciting socials in the evenings. We hope to see you at convention!

Thursday, July 23 – New Teacher Academy

Thursday, July 23 - 2nd Annual Sing-In

Friday, July 24 - TODA Happy Hour

Saturday, July 25 – High School Student Day

Saturday, July 25 – TODA BAR B Q

Volunteer Opportunities

1.   David Becker conducting clinic. Four directors will be chosen to work with Becker for approximately 15 minutes on a work of their choice.

Volunteer Conductors

2.    David Becker conducting clinic.  Due to the difficulty in literature, we are asking for directors to volunteer on their primary instruments.  We expect all literature to be grade 5 +.  4 directors will come prepared with literature of their choice to work with Becker.

Volunteer Orchestra

3.    Presiders Needed! If you would like to volunteer and don’t know what to try, being a presider is easy and low stress.  The presider introduces the clinic in the beginning of the session and gathers handouts for the archives.


Second Annual SING-IN
TCDA is once again hosting a Sing-In and inviting TODA and TBA members to play in the orchestra.  This year's piece will be Schubert's Mass in G.  The rehearsal will be Thursday, July 23 at 4:00 with the performance immediately following at 5:00.

If you would like to be a part of the orchestra and this fun event, please submit your name onto this form, Schubert Mass Orchestra

Money Matters
by Sandra Vandertulip, VP/Treasurer

Every year TODA awards scholarships to deserving orchestra seniors who will be attending college to become a music educator. With your donations, we can continue to help these students become future TODA members. Your donation is tax deductible.

Directors, please remind your seniors who will be majoring in Music Education, to apply for the Barbara Eads ScholarshipApplication deadline is May 1, 2015.

For more information regarding donations and the Barbara Eads Scholarship application, please visit our website at:

Also a quick reminder to pre-register for TODA Convention!  It saves you both money and time!
Pre-registration opened on February 9, as did housing.  Don't delay - hotel rooms go quickly and those reduced rates are only guaranteed to June 24. All the details will be on our website, 

TODA Board of Directors

President - Jason Thibodeaux, Northeast ISD
Past President - Pat Leaverton, Fort Worth ISD
VP/Treasurer - Sandra Vandertulip, Round Rock ISD
Secretary - Lamar Smith, Carrollton ISD
Member At Large - Christina Bires, Clear Creek ISD
Executive Director - Sharon Lutz

Member Services Coordinator - Hallie Miller

7900 Centre Park Drive, Suite A
Austin, TX  78754

Getting the Most From Your Convention Experience
by Lamar Smith, Secretary

Being a member of TODA affords a lot of benefits, but it is no secret that the best of all is the annual convention in July. Every year, we get to enjoy top-notch professional development, new music reading sessions, and fellowship and networking that connects us in our common goal of providing outstanding music education for our students.
Putting the convention together is a year-long task that is planned, organized and coordinated by our amazing Executive Director, Sharon Lutz, and the TODA board. Every detail is considered, from the planning of exhibit hall space to what kind of taco toppings will be included at the Fiesta Welcome! With all of these “moving parts,” we depend on the TODA membership to help at the convention. There are several opportunities to help out that allow you to contribute without giving up your entire convention (unless, of course, you want to do that!).

The Hospitality Committee is a great place to start. Member-at-Large Christina Bires will be looking for people to help with the music drawings at the reading sessions, to help as Presiders at the reading sessions, and to take tickets and hand out wristbands at the Barbeque. Contact Christina at [email protected] to let her know if you are interested.

There are other opportunities with the Reading Session Committee, Presiders, and more! If you are interested in volunteering in any other capacity at convention, shoot me an email at [email protected]. We will find a place for you!

Contributing to the convention is rewarding and allows you to meet other people in our profession in a truly unique way. And, let’s face it—it looks great on a resume! Did I mention that this is also a great way to get those coveted RIBBONS for your badge?

We look forward to hearing from you.


Texas Orchestra Directors Association
Profit & Loss
January - December 2014
   Total Administrative Income $26,723.66
   Convention Income 73,689.78
   Publications Income 8,000.00
Total Income $108,413.44
   Administrative Expenses 29,066.83
   Convention Expenses 40,682.54
   Boards' Expenses 10,521.13
   Publications Expenses 10,115.00
   Reception Expenses 12,696.87
   Technology Exp 3,010.99
Total Expenses $106,093.36
Net Operating Income $2,320.08
Net Income $2,320.08
TODA Scholarship Report  
Balance, Scholarship Acct, Chase Bank $6,309.76
Contributions, Jan - Dec, 2014 $6,746.17
Scholarship Income, Silent Auction $1,725.50
   Scholarship Awards give at 2014 Conv ($6,000.00)
Scholarship Fund Balance, 12/31/2014 $8,781.43


Balance Sheet
As of December 31, 2014
   Current Assets  
      Bank Accounts  
         Chase Bank, CD 20,233.82
         Chase Bank, Checking   10,667.12
         Chase Bank, Scholarship  6,830.84
         Petty Cash  50.00
      Total Bank Accounts 37,781.78
      Accounts Receivable  
         Accts Rec, Magazine Adv 0.00
         Accts Receivable, Gen  6518.81
         Accts Receivable, TCDA  0.00
      Total Accounts Receivable  6518.81
      Other current assets  
         Exchange, Funds transfer  0.00
         Prepaid Expenses 5,125.00
         Scholarship Awards Paid 0.00
      Total Other current assets  5,125.00
   Total Current Assets  49,425.59
TOTAL ASSETS 49,425.59
      Current Liabilities  
         Accounts Payable  
            Accounts Payable, Gen  250.00
            Accounts Payable, TCDA  0.00
         Total Accounts Payable  250.00
         Other Current Liabilities  
            Accounts Payable TBA Academy  0.00
            Accounts Payable, Scholarships  1,950.59
            Contributions, Eads Sch  0.00
            Deferred Income  675.00
         Total Other Current Liabilities  2,625.59
      Total Current Liabilities  2,875.59
   Total Liabilities 2,875.59
   Equity  2,875.59
      Net Restricted Income 6,830.84
      Open Balance Equity 37,399.08
      Retained Earnings 0.00
      Net Income 2,320.08
   Total Equity 46,550.00