Approved, July 25, 2015


The name of this association shall be the TEXAS ORCHESTRA DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION.


The purpose of this association shall be to promote the development of orchestras by providing for the professional growth of orchestra directors through annual sponsorship of new music reading sessions, clinics, workshops, and exhibits.


Upon paid dues as set by the Executive Board, membership in this association shall be classified as follows:

A. Active Membership

Must be actively engaged as a teacher, director or supervisor of orchestral music or desires to participate in the activities of this organization.

B. Student Membership

Must be enrolled as a full time student (12+hours) in a music program at an accredited college or university.

C. Retired Membership

Must be retired from teaching, directing or supervising an educational or community orchestral organization.

D. Honorary Membership

By majority vote of the Executive Board, a person can be awarded honorary membership. The Orchestra Director of the Year and Past presidents of the association shall be recipients of a lifetime honorary membership and registration.

E. Business Membership

Any company, corporation or school affiliated organization wishing to exhibit at the convention.

F. Non Exhibitor Business Membership

Any company, corporation or school affiliated organization choosing not to exhibit at the convention, but wishes to send their employees to the convention.


Categories of membership and the dues and fees of this organization shall be set by the Board of Directors each year.


The officers of this organization shall be elected from the active Texas membership of the association and shall consist of:

A. Immediate Past President

B. President

C. Vice-President /Treasurer

D. Secretary

E. Member-at-Large


All serving Executive Board Officers shall be residents of Texas.

A. Each officer is responsible for the duties assigned per the Officers Handbook.

B. Each officer shall update said handbook by eight weeks following the convention.



A. Active members may be nominated at the annual convention/clinic. Names may be placed in the nomination box prior to the annual business meeting.

B. Active members attending the annual business meeting shall be given the opportunity to nominate additional candidates from the floor.

C. Election to office shall be by a majority ballot of the active, student and retired voting membership present at the annual business meeting.

D. New officers shall be installed at the post-convention Executive Board meeting following their election. At this time, access will be provided to the Officers Handbook.

E. A retiring Treasurer will remain in office a maximum of eight weeks to permit the orderly transfer of bank accounts and to provide time for the annual audit.


A. With the adoption of this constitution, officers will hold office for the term of one year.

B. At the time of elections, the Immediate Past President will retire from office. The remainder of the officers will move up one step in the succession listed in Article V, and a new Member-at-Large will be elected.

C. If, for any reason, an officer does not complete his/her five year term, the remaining officers shall rotate into the next office as soon as practical. The exception to this rule is the possible vacating of the office of Immediate Past President, in which case the President may appoint (with the approval of the Board) an active member to carry out the duties of the office. A new officer (or officers) shall be elected at the next annual business meeting.


A. The Immediate Past President, President, Vice-President/ Treasurer, Secretary, and Member-at-Large shall comprise the Board of Directors for TODA.

B. The Board of Directors will meet on the call of the President, at the time of the annual convention, at a Spring planning meeting, and at such other times as may be necessary.

C. The President must, upon written request from three Board members, call a special meeting of the Board of Directors within one month of receipt of the request.

D. It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to formulate policies to sustain and perpetuate the Texas Orchestra Directors Association, to make plans for carrying out the ideals and purposes of the association, to provide for the general good and welfare of the membership, to transact such business as is referred to it by the association in the annual business meeting, and to appoint and enter into contract for the services of a paid Ex-Officio Executive Director.


A. If, in the written opinion of three members of the Board of Directors, an officer has failed to perform his/her duties in the manner expected by the association, said officer may be recommended for impeachment by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

B. If the deficiency is not satisfactorily remedied or adequately explained, the Board may impeach that officer by a majority vote.

C. Any officer who is impeached or recommended for impeachment must be notified of the action by registered mail within fifteen days after action is taken. Without notification, the action becomes null and void.


A. The annual membership meeting shall be held each year during the clinic and convention and led by the Board of Directors.

B. Fifty members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for conducting and transacting the business of this association.

C. Order of business shall be as follows:

            1. Call to order

            2. Reading of the minutes

3. Election of officers

            4. Reading of communications

            5. Report of special committees

            6. Unfinished business

            7. New business.

            8. Adjournment


Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be presented to the Secretary in writing and read at the annual business meeting. If two-thirds of the active membership present votes in favor of a proposed amendment, it shall carry and the constitution shall be so amended.


In January of every odd year, a special committee of at least three past presidents with the immediate past president as chair, shall be appointed by the President. They shall review this constitution to recommend any revisions at the annual business meeting.


An annual audit of all financial records of the association, including those of the Treasurer and the Executive Director, shall be conducted by a certified public accountant not later than November 1 after the annual business meeting. The audit shall be submitted immediately to each member of the Board of Directors and shall be made available upon written request to any active member.



The following standing committees, to consist of three or more active, student or retired members who shall serve for one year, shall be appointed by the chair of each committee with the approval of the Board of Directors:

A. Ways and Means

This financial committee shall recommend methods and ways of achieving the goals of TODA. The chair shall be the Vice-President/ Treasurer.

B. Publicity and Membership

This committee shall disseminate information about TODA to potential members and shall work diligently and creatively to increase membership. The chair shall be the Secretary.

C. Hospitality

The duties of this committee shall be to develop a spirit of friendliness among members and guests at regular and special meetings of the association. The chairman shall be the MAL and others as determined by the MAL.


Upon the winding up and dissolution of this organization, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the organizations, the remaining assets shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, organization, or corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, education, and/or scientific purposes, and which has established its tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Sumbitted by Review Committee: Patrick Leaverton, Michael Alexander, Craig Needham