The TODA Leadership is comprised of five members of the Board of Directors from across the state.  The Board carries the fiduciary responsibility of the association and also considers and makes decisions for the administration of all activities of the association.  The Board convenes throughout the year to discuss, guide and implement the goals of the association.

Election of the TODA Board of Directors

The TODA Board of Directors is voted on and elected by the membership.  Each year, a new board member is elected, the Member-At-Large, and this person will serve for five years advancing through the offices each successive year.  Board members volunteer their time and take pride in giving back to their profession.  Serving on the Board is a significant commitment and requires dedication and time.

If you are considering running for the Member-At-Large position, please review the duties of the Board and ensure you are willing to set aside the time and necessary commitment to serve for five years.  TODA needs strong leadership!

MAL Self-Nomination Form 

Board Member Duty Overview

●    All Members
○    Attend all regularly scheduled meetings
○    Contribute to the quarterly newsletter
○    Co-host the annual summer convention and other TODA events as assigned
○    Establish and maintain relationships with vendors that support our organization
●    Member-At-Large (MAL)
○    Capture the “history” of the organization during that term year via pictures and videos at all TODA events  
○    Consistently update social media platforms with regular posts, news & events, etc.  
○    Coordinate non-convention social gatherings for membership (meet & greets, happy hours, etc.)
○    Store and maintain TODA’s physical materials not housed in TODA storage
○    Serve as chairperson for the hospitality committee
○    Other duties as assigned and necessary
●    Secretary  
○    Capture minutes in official TODA board meetings.
○    Send out action steps following board meetings for each board member
○    Inventory convention ribbons and supplies
○    Inventory presider and clinician certificates and certificate folders
○    Other duties as assigned and necessary
●    VP/Treasurer
○    Serve as lead organizer for winter convention
○    Serve as chairperson for scholarship fund, including the silent auction
○    Chair the scholarship committee and promote the scholarship program
○    Monitor TODA books and financial reports
○    Other duties as assigned and necessary
●    President
○    Lead organization of summer convention
○    Serve as liaison between board and TODA region representatives
○    Promote membership and participation in the TODA organization
○    Other duties as assigned and necessary
●    Past President
○    Lead organization of reading sessions for the summer convention  
○    Organize composition contest
○    Other duties as assigned and necessary

MAL Self-Nomination Form